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Who Is Maxwell Drever

For five decades, Maxwell Drever has served as the Chairman of Drever Capital Management, a firm that invests in workforce housing and other real estate projects. He has been and is one of the greatest contrarian impact real estate investors in the world.

Up till now, Maxwell has repositioned more than 42,000 multi-family apartments. His motto is “doing well by doing good,” which seems apt based on his work. His socially responsible investments help generate risk-adjusted returns that convince investors to dip a toe into his world.

Maxwell Drever has redeveloped underperforming, multi-family properties for the workforce in an environmentally conscious manner. In 1970, he began investing in Seattle and transformed 17 complexes into beautiful apartments for families having workforce incomes.

Previously, Maxwell Drever worked at Drever Partners and was considered one of the largest buyers in multi-family housing projects with 180,000 units. In 1997, these assets were combined into Walden Residential Properties. He then created Concierge Asset Management that combined Crossbeam Capital. The venture then focused on acquiring distressed multi-family projects. Today, this company owns as well as manages around 8,000 residential units.

Maxwell has a bachelor’s degree in Finance, which he has done from the University of Illinois. He has a philanthropic passion, which is about assisting the education and health of underserved youth, along with spreading awareness regarding eldercare health issues. He resides in San Francisco and likes to hike, paddleboard, swim, and take photographs of nature.

Maxwell Drever has dedicated his career and personal time to serving the underserved workforce demographic.

Over the years, his name has been related to many real estate investment projects. His above-average returns show other investors how rewarding and lucrative workforce housing projects can be. The $3.2 billion he has invested in 20 primary markets tell people about his dedication.

You can read all about his accomplishments in new outlets, including The Globe and Mail, Forbes Magazine, Bloomberg News, The Wall Street Journal, and The Financial Post.

Maxwell did not lead a happy or healthy childhood. He was described as an asthmatic, anemic child with ADHD and a mile-long mischievous streak. So, how does a kid like that end up being a real estate guru?

When Maxwell Drever lived in Geneva, IL, he built a mushroom farm, which was his first outlet to let out his energy. However, his parents weren’t too happy with the enterprise because they thought we bring manure into the home.

Changing directions, Maxwell decided to pursue his dream and focused on developing a gardening business and a service that painted house numbers. Today, Maxwell’s philanthropic passion burns bright due to the challenges he faced in his boyhood.

Maxwell Drever’s career took flight in 1970 after his successful stint as a realtor when he made a 400% return on a project. By the 1990s, he was the largest buyer in Texas who was mostly interested in investing in apartment complexes. Soon, he was dubbed Houston’s biggest landlord.

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