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We All Need Affordable Housing – Maxwell Drever

Home is the ultimate place where people feel protected and relaxed. Without access to proper homes or shelters, one cannot imagine the possibilities of life. Not only home will support the personal and professional growth but also the mental well-being of people explains Maxwell Drever. 

Affordable housing is not a choice but a requirement. For decades, middle-class families have been pressurized as the rich got richer. This is why the poor stay poorer. Despite the pressure, the cost of owning a home as well as the rent of the house has been increased in the United States. This step made housing unaffordable to millions of Americans. 

For instance, Millennials in the United States are experiencing a different landscape. They are unable to find jobs after completing their graduation from college. Therefore, many of them are living with their parents as they are not capable of being self-sufficient. Seniors are also facing problems finding affordable housing. This should be a clear indication of the affordable housing crisis in the United States. 

More than Housing

The availability of affordable housing will enhance the quality of life as well as the emotional well-being of Americans by providing them with a better life to enjoy. 

Affordable housing will also bring multiple other opportunities including stable jobs, financial security, stability, and population diversity, said Maxwell Drever. The results of affordable housing on the citizens of America are not only profound but also capable of transforming the communities of life. This will become beneficial especially when the projects are designed regarding urban planning in mind. 

  • Quality and affordable housing will attract cops, teachers, fire-fighters, nurses, and other types of service providers to the community. They will also fulfill their responsibility properly. 
  • Commercial spaces provide access to services and essential products as well as other types of employment opportunities. 
  • The advancement of transportation services will help the residents to find more better and secure jobs in relevant and accessible areas. This way they can improve their financial status while eliminating financial insecurity. 
  • Community centers will aid people by bringing them together. These types of options will also provide entertainment while improving the educational and other types of skills through online or offline classes on useful subjects such as trades, computers, communications, and arts. 

The development of affordable housing that implements essential elements to improve the quality of the life of the residents is extremely important. This way they will be able to become a productive member of the competitive society in the United States. 

Negative Impact of Affordable Housing Crisis

Now that you know the severity of the affordable housing crisis in the United States, you should also know the consequences, says Maxwell Drever. The lack of affordable housing or the increasing affordable housing crisis is affecting families, individuals, communities, including:

  • High rents
  • Substandard housing
  • Unemployment
  • Displaced families
  • Adverse health effects
  • Rising crime rates
  • Racial segregation
  • Development delays
  • Mental health issues
  • Poor academic performance

On the other hand, when people have access to affordable housing, several things will improve including:

  • Quality of education
  • Financial and security income
  • Employment opportunities 
  • Personal relationships 
  • Health and mental well-being


When the housing becomes affordable, people will be able to spend their resources and money on nutrition, healthcare, transportation, daycare, and other types of important services. 

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