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The step-by-step conversion of estates into affordable workforce housing, as suggested by Maxwell Drever

Lodging plays a vital role in the hospitality sector. The travel and tourism industry with the hotel industry depends upon housing says Maxwell Drever. The spread of the worldwide pandemic has resulted in a severe blow on the homestay and tourism sector. Across the globe, individuals are demanding cheap accommodation. So why is that? It’s because of the mounting population of workforce individuals. 

These people who serve society in multiple roles like firefighters, teachers, health professionals, and police officers cannot afford to live in expensive apartments. They have an area median income of 60 to 120%. Hence, luxurious apartments are beyond their reach.

As a consequence, affordable workforce housing has become a highly demandable topic. The real estate sector is also reaping the benefit of this new phenomenon. Countless real estate investors and hotel owners are looking at it from a diverse perspective. They are re-purposing their existing projects into residential units. Hence, that assures them of regular income. For undertaking such a project, they need a detailed blueprint and its accurate implementation. However, the task is not that easy, and there are several factors to explore. 

Traditional aspect

Hotel rooms are very different from residential units. Hotel rooms are for a luxury vacation. However, residential units have a home-like environment. Hence, hotel owners must understand how to proceed. You must understand the requirements of your target audience, that is, the workforce population. 

Therefore, introduce a traditional and authentic aspect into the hotel rooms. When you bring in a home-like environment within the area, it pulls the workforce population. Only glammed-up regions will not work. Authentic artifacts, menu, furniture, and overall feel will go a long way.

Modern amenities

Whether providing your residents with an authentic feel or not, you cannot compromise on modern amenities—the population demands a home-like environment with essential facilities they require. Maxwell Drever asks to equip the rooms with essentials like sanitary ware, kitchen equipment, kettles, refrigerators, Internet connection, etc. 

Ensure hygiene

Another significant feature that hotel owners cannot compromise is hygiene and sanitation. There is no substitute for hygiene in hotel space. Ensure that the rooms are cleaned and decked up. Along with this, you have to make provisions for deep cleaning every month. When your residents see that you make an effort to provide them with a clean and safe environment, they will cultivate trust in you. 

Do not compromise on rules

Every government has distinct rules and regulations to monitor new building projects. Even if you are renovating your hotel rooms into residential units, you have to pay attention to these legal aspects. You cannot compromise on these factors from building code to zoning protocol to other legal provisions.

 Maxwell Drever says the more aware you are of the rules and regulations, the better return you will get. Last but not least, customized services must be at the top of your priority list. You are serving the service providers. Hence, you have to understand their requirements and respond to them. 

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