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The Process of Converting a Broken Hotel into a Low-Cost Workforce Apart – Strategies by Maxwell Drever

The pandemic hasn’t been fair to the global economy! If you look at the hotel industry, you will realize how cruel it has been to the hotel properties explains Maxwell Drever. Currently, as lockdown rules are easing up because of mass vaccination, the hotel industry is trying to revive. However, complete recovery will take time. The initial hit due to travelers being homebound to adhere to the stay-at-home orders, on the hotel industry has been massive. The occupancies have been at an all-time for almost every hotel in the United States. According to the latest reports, the complete recovery will take about three years, that points towards 2023 at least. It might take a few more years to attain the hotels’ profits when there was no pandemic.

The current situation has made hotel owners think about how to best utilize their hotel properties. And with the housing crisis looming large all across the United States, many hotel owners have seen a scope to address it and simultaneously put their hotels back into good use. Today, the hotel owners have agreed to convert their property into low-cost workforce apartments. Maxwell Drever says that the noble act needs discipline, focus, and a correct strategy in place.

The target section for the household project

There are two sections of the people who are facing a housing crisis. The first one, are the ones who are homeless, because they aren’t able to pay home rents and are out of job. It’s the most unfortunate section that needs a place to reside and an occupation that will help them earn a decent living. The second one, is the workforce population who have been compelled to move to the rural and suburban areas because of the rising house costs in the city says Maxwell Drever. Hence, the hotel owners need to decide which section they want to cater to as that will decide their project’s purpose and the quality of investments.

Is the property conducive for the transformation?

Today, several hotels are very old in the United States. Since, the hotel owners have realized— that it will take time to revive the profits, they are willing to convert it into an affordable workforce housing. However, if it’s an old hotel, one has to check whether it is robust enough to withstand the conversion. Certain parts of the hotel will get diminished, and certain parts will have to be re-done. The hotel needs to have a stable base that will support the construction.

A team of expert architects

Maxwell Drever says that converting a hotel into a low-cost apartment also means playing with its overall aesthetics. It means one has to forsake the lavishness and bring about a utilitarian element in the new construction. That will cater to the homeless section and the workforce population. To execute this, it is essential to have on board a team of trained experts. Who can get it done seamlessly, within the allotted budget.

These are a few steps that help make converting a hotel into a low-cost accommodation for the workforce population easy and hassle-free.

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