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Alabama and its Fluctuating Affordable Housing Market

Alabama and its population of more than 5 million has been facing an affordable housing crisis for the past 15 years. However, things are beginning to normalize after a long time with 6 million sales recorded by the state in 2021. The demand-and-supply gap continues to exist but with global supply chains returning to normalcy and other market dynamics becoming favourable, things are beginning to portray a brighter side. With a group of 20 leading economists who analysed the current market, a number of conclusions have been drawn. Although housing prices are expected to increase 5.7% in 2022, the pandemic backlog is expected to reduce substantially. Housing sales are predicted to drop a little going to 5.9 million but at the same time, starts are expected to rise, hitting 1.67 million. These states will ease the pressure on the affordable housing market. Here are some of the challenges that the state is facing at present; Existing Resources Aren’t Enough Alabama continues to struggle with a lack of financial resources to address the city’s affordable workforce housing issues. The state’s federal entitlement has decreased dramatically over the years. As a result, home production investment has decreased. As a result of the decreasing availability, people are having difficulty finding new projects that fit within their budget. As a result, the condition has become more serious. Decreasing “Affordability”… Read More »Alabama and its Fluctuating Affordable Housing Market

Why Affordable Housing? Maxwell Drever explains the many reasons

The United States is experiencing an affordable workforce housing crisis, and barely anyone know says Maxwell Drever. It’s a problem that severely affects low to middle-income groups who work 35 to 40 hours a week. This group includes firefighters, police officers, cashiers, nurses, shop workers, and teachers. With the cost of real estate rising, many in these groups cannot find adequate housing to call home. The situation only worsened during the pandemic. And today, we now live in a country that, by some estimates, needs seven million quality affordable homes to meet current demand. Therefore, the need for affordable workforce housing is at an all-time high. As noted above, few know the extent of this crisis. And so, it should not be a surprise that there is a new platform that addresses this issue, requires no governmental support, and can go a long way toward easing the crisis that few know exists Who’s the Focus of Affordable Workforce Housing? According to Maxwell Drever, individuals making $15-$30 per hour are the primary targets for affordable workforce housing tenancy. Maxwell should know. His 47000+ repositionings make him one of the most proflic developers of the last half-century. His innovative platform utilizes hotels that closed primarily due to low occupancy issues caused by the pandemic. He converts these hotels to apartments that rent as low as $500 per… Read More »Why Affordable Housing? Maxwell Drever explains the many reasons