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Maxwell Drever Talks about Various Types of Affordable Housing

Even though the term ‘affordable housing” is not new to people in the United States, most of them don’t know the actual definition of affordable housing explains Maxwell Drever. 

As per the New York Housing Authority, affordable housing is the percentage of Area Median Income or AMI of the household. The AMI was established by the federal government. Housing can only be considered affordable if the costs of the property are one-third of the monthly income of low or middle-income families. Additionally, affordable housing is also regulated so that the rent cannot expand over time. 

Once you determine the basics of affordable housing as well as its implementation across different regions of the United States, you need to understand the various types of affordable housing and their differences. Even though there are subsectors, three massive types of affordable housing are emergency housing, permanent housing, and transitional housing. 

Emergency Housing

Emergency housing is the specific type of affordable housing that provides accommodation or shelter for a short period. This type of housing is extremely beneficial for homeless people as well as for people who are fleeing abuse or violence. In most cities of the United States, shelters are connect with emergency housing. However, emergency shelters are also capable of providing tenants with some specific types of resources. These types of resources include food, clothes, healthcare, employment services, and informal counseling. 

Transitional Housing

Transitional housing is another type of affordable housing that develops a bridge between permanent buildings or emergency housing. It helps the people who are suffering from homelessness, while the families receive special treatment. Traditional housing helps people to rebuild their lives and dreams in a secure and stable environment. However, keep in mind that transitional housing allows people to live for a limited time. The maximum duration is 1 year, says Maxwell Drever 

One of the most common types of traditional housing is the congregate living or rooming house. Here, most residents rent one room and share the common bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Depending on the preference of the individual, congregate living can be a permanent option as it complements the transitional housing. 

Permanent Housing

The permanent housing can be use for an indefinite amount of time despite the conditions. When a family has access to permanent housing, they can live there as long as they want. However, permanent housing has also some sub-sectors such as cooperative housing, purpose-built rental housing, supportive housing, homeownership, and non-profit housing. 

Maxwell Drever says supportive housing is one of the most famous types of affordable housing that is beneficial for people who want to live independently. The assistance provided by the supportive housing includes counseling and medical assistance. 

On the other hand, purpose-built rental housing is specifically for this purpose. And they offer tenants that meet affordability standards. This type of housing is private and owned by an individual and independent owner. Since there are different types of options for the houses. Homeownership can be consider as an affordable housing solution. 


These are the 3 types of affordable housing you should know. If you have any additional questions, comment below to let us know. 

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