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Maxwell Drever Shares His Solutions For The Affordable Workforce Housing Crisis

The affordable workforce-housing crisis is a significant problem facing our country. Within the last 15 years, the number of low-income individuals has increased by 43 percent, but only 3 percent of them have homeownership opportunities. That means over one billion people cannot rent or buy their own homes and live on the edge. The ultimate solution for this problem is the idea shared by Maxwell Drever. This involves converting dying hotels into an affordable workforce for ordinary people. This will allow more citizens access to stable housing at reasonable prices, which will benefit both the individual and society as a whole.

Modular Construction For Affordable Homes

Conventional, metal buildings are expensive to build, and these buildings are often not meant to last more than a few decades. This means that the cost of construction is very high. Meanwhile, modular buildings allow for a more affordable housing price. In addition, these buildings can be designed to withstand high winds and earthquakes and do not require the amount of concrete that conventional construction requires. 

The idea of Maxwell Drever behind this conversion is quite simple. Converting the hotel building in modular pieces allows for much simpler assembly and easy modification if building codes change in the future. This will also ease problems with construction and make modular buildings easier to maintain after they are build. All the basic household amenities can be ensure in one such affordable housing project with the help of modular architecture. 

Conversion Of Hotels Into Affordable Housing

The basic process behind converting hotels into affordable housing is based on the present condition of hotels as they have been dying since the global pandemic. As per recent stats, hotel occupancy rates in the United States were at an all-time low at just 56 percent. This means that many hotels will have no other way to make money. In addition to this, many of these buildings are already equip with kitchens and living spaces.

Therefore, they can easily be convert from a hotel into something more long lasting, like affordable workforce housing for everyday people. However, according to Maxwell Drever, modular modification of hotels into affordable housing can be the ultimate savior for everyone.

Turning the upper levels of a hotel into affordable workforce housing is a great way. To put unused spaces to good use. No matter how many rooms a hotel has, there are usually only enough guests to fill 5 percent of them. This means that large portions of these buildings are empty almost all the time. Converting these empty spaces into more housing is an easy way to create more affordable housing. For people who need it and help fill some of the demand for lower-income homes.

As previously mentioned, the – size fits – solution for affordable workforce housing nationwide does not work without support from authorities. Therefore, governments can also take part in this idea. To optimize this great idea of Maxwell Drever on a large scale. Together, we can ensure a better global livelihood condition for every human.

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