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Maxwell Drever On Transforming An Old Hotel Into Affordable Workforce Housing

The idea of converting a broken hotel into affordable housing is pure bliss. However, to complete this project with entire expertise, you need expert help. One name that is commonly know in the hotel conversion market is Maxwell Drever. Maxwell is know for formulating this great idea of seizing this gold opportunity of building affordable workforce housing from broke hotels. Maxwell has decoded the entire layout and detailing in converting a broken hotel. Here’s what it takes, according to Maxwell Drever.

Broken Hotel With Potential For Remodeling Into Workforce Housing

When it comes to the broke hotel with the potential for remodeling into workforce housing, it is a well-equip hotel where most of its rooms are intact, and no significant structural damage has been witness.

Therefore, it is difficult to identify the areas that can be remodel in this condition. However, through various surveys, Maxwell Drever finds out which areas can certainly be transform into affordable workforce housing. 

Incomplete Structural Damage

Many technicalities are involve when a broke hotel goes through incomplete structural damage. And the whole process becomes complicated. However, according to Maxwell Drever, it is quite easy to identify the areas where all the major structural elements are intact and which ones can be easily transform into workforce housing. The best part of identifying this kind of broke hotel is that all the necessary surveys can be immediately without investing a huge sum of money in this project. 

Identify Remaining Structural Elements

When it comes to identifying the remaining structural elements in a broke hotel, Maxwell strongly recommends using a 3D model of the hotel so that every single element can be easily explain to an ordinary man. Maxwell prepares a detailed map of the building and identifies all the remaining structural elements through this detailed model. He builds an entire team of professionals who analyze the broken hotel to complete this project with expertise.

Decide Remaining Structural Elements Be Transformed

According to Maxwell Drever, one must discuss the entire process with an expert team who has been famous for their expertise in the broken hotel conversion market. However, finding out if there is any complete structural damage will be difficult; thus, most broken hotels with the potential for remodeling into workforce housing will have incomplete problems in this department. Maxwell considers it essential to decide upon areas that need not be transform into workforce housing and which needs; otherwise, it will create complications later.

Discuss Remaining Structural Elements To Be Transformed

When it comes to discussing the remodeling scope of a broken hotel with the potential for workforce housing. Maxwell takes it very seriously and constructs a detailed survey. Where all the relevant parties are invite in front of him. They are ask to give their valuable opinion about this project to avoid any misunderstanding at this early stage. 

Through this detailed survey, Maxwell can identify what will be possible and what will not be possible. And then he starts his remodeling journey with complete confidence. As a result, you can get the best possible outcome with Maxwell Drever and his expert team.

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