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Maxwell Drever Explains Why The Affordable Workforce Housing Crisis Is Everyone’s Problem

The Affordable Workforce Housing Crisis! It sounds like the title of a sci-fi novel, but it’s authentic and getting worse each day. In a clean break from the traditional generating economic growth, populations across America are displaced as costs rise while wages stagnate. But this problem is solved with this concept coined by Maxwell Drever. This innovative idea involves the conversion of broken or old hotels into affordable housing for underprivileged people and challenged sections of society. 

Affordable Housing for Better living Standards

A high concentration of poor people in neighborhoods with low-quality housing options creates a “sink” that draws more poverty, preventable disease, and environmental degradation. This is not a complex concept to grasp. If you build it, crime comes to it. If you degrade it, corruption grows there. So what happens when we repair the housing conditions in working-class neighborhoods? 

These dying hotels are not suitable for everyone except when converted into cheap workforce houses. Researchers have repeatedly discovered that affordable workforce housing projects have excellent potential for ensuring better living conditions for everyone. A strong advocate for affordable Housing, Maxwell Drever came up with a proposal while working as a design architect. His idea was to convert old hotels into low-cost apartments to help the homeless and the poor improve their living conditions and get out of poverty.

Affordable Housing helps Meet Rising Demands on Infrastructure

Another great advantage of fixing up old hotels is that it will fix the problems in our neighborhoods and help meet rising demands on infrastructure. In addition, if we convert these old hotels into affordable housing projects, there will be a greater return on investment since these buildings are already constructed, and all we need to do is fix them up. 

This saves costs on land acquisition, demolition, and new construction. Since this whole idea of converting old hotels into affordable Housing, experts and economists have estimate. That this could help meet the deficit in low-income Housing by increasing construction jobs. And creating better living conditions for people at a lower cost than building new structures. 

How does This Conversion work?

In one of the designs projects of Maxwell Drever for the Seattle Housing Authority. He proposed converting a 100-year-old hotel into affordable housing. This would allow low-income families to live in a safe, comfortable environment but still be near the resources they need. Maxwell’s idea is to use hotels that have been underutilize or are in disrepair. For example, San Diego has renovated several old hotels that have been vacant. And put them up for sale since it is cheaper to fix existing buildings than create new ones. 

At some point, soon, it seems inevitable that most Americans will be price out of working. And living in their cities. As more people lack access to affordable housing options. Many soon find themselves homeless or unable to find employment due to rising rents for higher-quality areas. Using this technique drafted by Maxwell Drever could help create tens of thousands of new affordable housing units. While boosting economic growth and job creation.

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