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Maxwell Drever Explains the Importance of Affordable Workforce Housing

Although workers are one of the critical foundations of our economy, it is sad that so many cannot find quality housing that fits into their budget. Most of these workers earn between $15 and $30 per hour says Maxwell Drever. Certainly, wages like these do not leave room for building enough savings over time to purchase a home, let alone make a substantial down payment for one. This fact, along with the series of other factors contributing to the current increase in housing costs, has created a desperate need for an increase in affordable workforce housing.  In this article, Maxwell Drever covers the importance of affordable workforce housing and the real-world challenges that have made this so.  

What is Workforce Housing?

Workforce housing is a term used to define housing suitable for households that earn 60-120% of an area’s median income, usually involving middle-income workers. The definition of workforce housing may change depending on the organization and agency. Due to the poor wages and wage disparity across the country, there have been extreme shortages of proper housing for workers, and while lower-income households are still, for the most part, taken care of, the workforce doesn’t have much to fall back on.

Why is Affordable Workforce Housing Important?

According to the Joint Center for Housing Studies in Harvard, nearly 25% of households that live on rent have to spend more than half of their income paying rent. This figure will keep increasing with time. Making it even more difficult for employees and workers to afford quality living conditions. That is why Maxwell Drever strives to change this trend. And build affordable workforce housing for as many workers as possible.

Here are some of the reasons why affordable workforce housing is essential.

Quality of Life

First, affordable workforce housing helps middle-income families access standard living conditions. Thus helping them live freely and with less worry about spending most of their income on housing. It also allows families to save money for future expenses and unforeseen emergencies that may arise, thus enabling families to be better prepared.

Employee Value

Affordable workforce housing is a powerful way to add value to workers’ and employees’ lives. And it allows them to feel more respected and valued. Since they are the backbone of any business or industry. Providing a workforce with affordable housing goes a long way toward increasing their retention. Building entire communities where affordable workforce housing is provided also fostered a sense of community.

Increased Productivity

If you consider this from the perspective of a worker that averaging 10-12 hour daily shifts. It would be simple to realize how much stress these individuals are under. Not only about the weekly struggle of making ends meet but also about the concern for mistakes. That can be made during shifts and the risk for job-related injuries. Access to affordable workforce housing frees up their minds. And allows for more accurate and careful productivity while on the job.

There are many communities in the United States that have affordable workforce housing developments in progress. But a more significant movement is needed to ensure that workers all over the country are provided access to safe. And reasonable accommodations that they can call home. Maxwell Drever is doing all he can when it comes to large-scale affordable workforce housing plans for employees and workers. He and his team at Drever Atelier Partners strive to provide quality. Cost-effective living spaces to people who need them most.

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