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Maxwell Drever Explains Best Practices On Converting A Hotel To Affordable Workforce Housing Conversion

Since the pandemic, the situation of hotels is not very well. However, after the covid restrictions have loosened up, many hotels struggle to stay afloat. But with Maxwell Drever project by converting broken hotels into affordable housing, things are getting better. Moreover, the idea of converting damaged hotels into affordable workforce housing is very economical, something, which could be, replicated elsewhere.

The purpose of converting the broken hotels into workforce houses is to provide affordable homes to middle-class families. The government often shuns middle-class families as they have fewer resources and money. By such a project, they can also be placed in locations to link with the businesses.

Reducing the Deficit of Affordable Housing 

Converting the broken hotels into workforce housing provides affordable houses to middle-class families. However, it is often seen that those from middle-class families cannot afford quality houses in the market, and they have to live in a less friendly environment. This increases the chances of them getting sick and increases electricity bills that are not affordable for them.

Building Modern Cities while Preserving Character Neighborhoods

The project by Maxwell Drever to turn broken-down hotels into affordable housing does both of these things at once as it provides quality houses that are within budget or even below budget but comparable to other similar products. Also, it preserves the character of the neighborhoods and thus the culture.

Protecting Environment and Energy Conservation

By providing more houses to the less privileged, we can improve our system quality and deliver quality services. Using original materials in constructing these housing units is possible, which saves up energy. The other use of a high-efficiency compactor makes it possible to reduce fuel by 50%. The service of broken hotels allows people to get cheap housing but with a higher quality that is also desirable by most. 

Attracting More Businesses and Investments to the Area

As more houses are being build around the neighborhood, their competition will increase and make business more beneficial for people. This will allow more companies to grow in that area. Also, according to Maxwell Drever, workforce housing will increase the investments in the area and thus give a better future for everyone.

Helping out with Healthcare expenses

The broken hotels are many times in locations that are consider flaw. But suppose they are convert into workforce housing. In that case, they will be in areas that will undoubtedly be good and provide easy access to all the nearby facilities, including hospitals and clinics, police stations, libraries, schools, etc. Moreover, the use of nearby hospitals by the people living in these houses helps cut down their healthcare costs to a greater extent than using a hospital far.

The conversion of broken hotels to workforce housing will not be easy, and it might take more time. But if done correctly in a very professional way, it will be beneficial to the country at large. The work of Maxwell Drever is significant, and others might also replicate this project.

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