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Maxwell Drever Addresses Supply and Demand Gap in Affordable Housing

In recent years, the idea of cheap housing has drawn a lot of attention. However, the COVID-19 pandemic’s difficulties have significantly hampered the sector. The gap between supply and demand has been steadily expanding as a result of increased pricing and postponed development schedules. According to Maxwell Drever, the pandemic that resulted in job losses or salary reductions has significantly increased demand without having a significant impact on supply.

Demand and supply must cooperate for affordable housing initiatives to be successful. Stakeholders on both sides have a lot at stake, so getting affordable housing right is crucial. The disruption of the global supply networks for building materials makes this a difficulty in particular. Building cheap homes is becoming increasingly challenging as a result of rising labor expenses. However, there are a few strategies to make supply and demand go hand in hand.

Identification of Bottlenecks is Crucial per Maxwell Drever

Maxwell Drever notes that finding a workable solution depends on understanding the root of the issue. With the COVID-19 outbreak and its effects, there have been several supply-side bottlenecks, from high labor costs to sluggish building material supplies. At the same time, it has become harder to find reasonable choices for housing financing. Knowing the issues is the first step because each requires a unique discussion and different planning.

Importance of Industry-Wide Collaborations

Multi-level cooperation can significantly impact many of the difficulties that the affordable housing sector is now dealing with. Financial institutions, businesses, suppliers, contractors, and several other parties can participate in these relationships. Maxwell Drever claims that since everyone has a big stake in the outcome, finding solutions may get simpler. Each party can provide a route that will help the supply chain’s bottlenecks in various ways when they work together.

Maxwell Drever Asserts the Need to Keep Affordable Housing ‘Affordable’

The biggest effect of all the issues that have arisen for the housing sector recently has been on pricing. There aren’t enough ‘affordable’ apartments available to meet the market’s demand, which is increasing quickly. Although there is little that can be done to streamline the supply chain for goods given the nature of global trade, other options can be investigated to ensure that prices are somewhat restrained.

As Maxwell Drever points out, this can once more be accomplished through teamwork. Some of the supply chain issues can be resolved by government assistance and tight collaboration with domestic and foreign providers. Prices may decrease as a result. On the other hand, financial institutions’ accessible financing alternatives are an additional strategy for balancing the market.


The disruption of international supply chains is putting a lot of strain on the market for cheap homes. For the supply and demand of these units, this is a significant difficulty. Even though some of the problems won’t be solved immediately, there is currently a need for rapid corrective action and alternative arrangements to ensure that the market doesn’t crash.

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