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Impacts of Affordable Housing on Family – Maxwell Drever

Upon surveying the citizens of the United States, reports stated that more than 90% of people think purchasing a house is one of their greatest investments in life. Home is considered a great accomplishment and it provides families many benefits. When people have a safe place to call home, they will be able to improve every aspect of their life explains Maxwell Drever. 

When lower and middle-income families have access to affordable housing, they will be able to live without worrying about the high rents. As per various reports, the rent is the 2nd biggest expense, followed by healthcare. Sometimes the rent of a 2 BHK apartment is so expensive that people fail to save enough money after paying the rent. However, with the help of affordable housing, they can build a better life for their family. Here are several impacts of affordable housing on the family. 

Well-Being of Children

After conducting surveys, institutions stated that more than 85% of habitant people have children living with them. This has a direct link regarding the quality of housing as well as the physical and emotional well-being of the children. Researches proved that the impact of affordable housing options on families includes a positive effect that will help them reimagine the goals of their life. 

Apart from that, when a family has access to affordable housing, the children will also get a boost in confidence. Having a safe and comfortable place to call home will eliminate the need of changing location. This means that your children don’t need to change school often. It will allow children to make friends and develop emotional connections without worrying about changing school again. 

Better School Performance in Children

Habitat homeowners witnessed that the grades and academic performance of their children being decreased upon moving to a new place or changing the location. On the other hand, the families who moved to a new house witnessed that the grade and academic performance of their children increased, says Maxwell Drever. Additionally, rates of attendance, as well as the behavior of the children, improved. This would help the children to get more room to study. 

As per the National Low Income Housing Coalition, children who live in affordable housing will have better chances to thrive at school. This will allow them to build a better and secure future for themselves. 

Improved Mental Health

Multiple ways of living in affordable and stable housing can improve the overall mental well-being of any individual. This will not only improve the dynamics of the family but also reduce financial stress. Maxwell Drever says it will aid in improving physical health. 

Within the habitat house owners, more than 80% of families said that they are happier and more confident after moving to the new affordable house. 

Apart from that, the family life of the homeowners has been improved by more than 80%. People also stated that they feel relaxed as they don’t have to face the extreme financial crisis anymore. 


Here are the top 3 impacts of affordable housing on the family. Staying and improving every aspect of life while living in affordable housing is undoubtedly beneficial. However, to ensure a positive outcome, Government should build more affordable houses. 

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