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How Individuals and Communities Benefit by Affordable Housing – A Maxwell Drever Study

The lack of affordable, secure, and hygienic housing is global crisis, especially in poor and developing nations says Maxwell Drever. Even in America, millions of people struggle to pay their rent and yet maintain a decent standard of living. While the federal government funds an affordable housing Section 8 program administered by the local PHAs, long waiting lists require applicants to wait for several years before getting an allotment of a housing unit. The prime reason for the crisis is an inadequate supply of affordable housing units due to several misconceptions, lack of funding, and a government slow to appreciate the gravity of the problem. Some of the top benefits of affordable housing for residents and their communities highlighted:

Improved Health and Wellbeing 

For most people ensuring that they have enough money to pay their monthly rent is a struggle that takes a toll on their physical and mental health. Often, low-income families are left without sufficient resources to afford adequate and good quality food, essential medicines, general healthcare, and education, observes Maxwell Drever. They often have to live far from their workplaces. Which eats up a large amount of their time and results in additional stress and expense. The lack of money after paying the rent often forces them to cut corners in a way. That compromises their wellbeing. With access to affordable housing. They have more money to spare for the essentials of life. And reduce the stress on their physical and mental health.

Better Education and Employment

Affordable housing creates employment in many ways. In addition to the people required to design, construct, and maintain the buildings. Residents also benefit by getting a safe and secure address that permits them to find employment locally. With more disposable income, people living in affordable housing can return to school and upgrade their skills. So that they can take up better-paying jobs. Also, with more money going around, children can remain in school for a longer time. And not take up a life of petty crime to fight poverty. It is proven that stable housing gives children more opportunity for undertaking quality education, improves mental acuity, leads to better all-round development, and lays the foundation for better income later in life, remarks Maxwell Drever.

Happier and More Inclusive Communities

One of the misconceptions people harbor about affordable housing development is. It drags down the value of the properties and encourages more crime, theft, litter, and violence. Even though communities have traditionally resisted new affordable housing. There is sufficient evidence to prove that affordable housing does not drive down the value of nearby properties. Nor do they worsen the composition of the population in the community. Rather with more people from different backgrounds and cultures moving into the neighborhood, the community becomes more vibrant and inclusive. Businesses in the community prosper because of the extra spending power in the hands of the residents. And a booming community draws in more investment.


Access to affordable housing enables the focus of the residents to shift from surviving to flourishing. It encourages personal and community growth and fosters a healthy and happy population.

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