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Affordable housing and economic up-gradation, a Maxwell Drever exploration

Maxwell Drever

Affordable housing is a subject misunderstood by citizens. Misconceptions and myths about cheap housing development hinges on fear of negative stereotypes, changes it brings about, and property values says Maxwell Drever. However, these do not have any basis. The truth is far from this. In reality, affordable workforce housing provides a stable and secure residence to individuals belonging to low and medium-income families. However, the supply of affordable housing is lagging. Affordable housing is a growing requirement for economies because it can take the economy to a level you can never even imagine. It is not only a housing solution but also a significant part of the economic operation. 

Money for local communities

An obvious advantage of affordable housing is that it provides money for local communities. For most individuals, rent is a significant expense that they cannot afford. When income losses threaten their economic stability, there is likelihood that they cannot spend money on other aspects like housing, education, food, etc.; these get compromised in this situation. It is here that affordable housing comes to the rescue. 

Lower eviction rate

Remember that affordable workforce housing includes a significant part of the community. Approximately 8,000,000 families live in apartments and rental homes. They form ¼ of the population. Families that do not have to spend on housing can look at other areas like childcare, medicine, education, and groceries. Hence, they will have a better standard of living. The threat of homelessness has always haunted the workers who have to pay very high rent to stay in the city centers, states Maxwell DreverHowever, most of them cannot even afford this and live in suburban areas. For quickly doing away with this problem, affordable workforce housing is a long-lasting solution. 

Repurposing hotel rooms

A cost-effective and less time-consuming option in this sector is repurposing hotel rooms and vacant properties. Hotel owners who do not have enough resources can use this opportunity to reap more benefits. They can also benefit from the government and its housing policies. By joining hands with higher authorities, they can provide quality homes to the workforce population. 

Remember that the workforce population forms the backbone of a community. Hence, when hotel owners repurpose their rooms and furnish them with maintained and well-constructed shelters, they contribute to the economy. It also reduces environmental risks like water contamination and high traffic rate. By building affordable residential units, hotel owners provide easy access to shelter and quality living. 

According to Maxwell Drever, various municipal protocols and building policies are operating in urban locationsTo ensure a more affordable housing supply, hotel owners have to pay attention to these policies during the construction phase. They also have to consider the monetary aspect while building the new affordable residential units. Remember that it is a long-term opportunity that can help you with easy returns. Hence, if you want to create a healthy economy, you must engage in this avenue. A growth mindset can bring a change in the present scenario, developing society as a whole. 

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