About Maxwell Drever

Since the 1960’s, Maxwell Drever has repositioned and developed nearly 50,000 multi-family apartments. He is a legendary figure in the specialty of impact real estate investing. At age 80, Maxwell remains as ambitious as ever, with his full focus on the Affordable Workforce Housing crisis. He will surely do all he can to fix a vexing problem that so many before him have tried to solve and failed.

Maxwell Drever
Maxwell Drever
Maxwell Drever
Maxwell Drever

Maxwell Drever is Chairman Emeritus of Drever Atelier Partners. For more than fifty years, Maxwell has been amongst the most active impact real estate investors in the nation. All the while, he has made sure to follow his instincts, and to always remember that “doing well by doing good” is the right way to do business, and the optimal way to live life.

Affordable workforce housing is housing for individuals and families earning low to middle-income levels (geographically based)

One of the largest and most concerning population trends throughout the nation is the growing number of individuals and families struggling to find affordable homes. On average, the jobs that millennials now have often do not pay well enough to afford homes near their work. This means that these individuals often must travel long distances, on a daily basis, or find temporary accommodations in cheap hotels, just to arrive at their job site for their workday.

For millennials without affordable housing nearby their place of employment, life can be difficult.

The cost of living is rising significantly in cities around the United States. This has led to an increase in the cost of homes for sale and for rent and resulted in a worsening of the affordable workforce housing crisis.

The most plentiful supply of affordable workforce housing for individuals and families with lower incomes can be found in less desirable metro areas. These homes often sit in communities with many broken homes, higher unemployment, poorly rated schools, above-average crime levels, and substandard community services.

To solve the problem, developers such as Maxwell Drever are needed. This special group of individuals, and their companies individuals and companies, have the skills, and the ability to scope out locations, find attractive candidates for building conversions, attract financing, manage and complete projects, and attract tenants.

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